"Thank goodness for the Smiths Dog Lodge!!! We can’t say enough good things about the Smiths and the care they give to our dogs.  One of our dogs is a 5 year old lab who had never been to a kennel before and we were so worried about leaving her.  But, the Smiths (James & Nancy) take the time to get to know each dog and what they need.  They treat the dogs as if they were their own.  When we leave Maxie at the Smiths, it’s like leaving her at home – she gets the same attention and exercise (and maybe more) than she gets at home.  Our other dog, Leila is a rescued Lab who had her first visit with the Smiths shortly after we adopted her.  James was very understanding and sensitive to Leila’s situation and she did great! There are so many things that are done right at the Smiths, but one of them that we especially like is that the dogs aren’t left in small dog runs, they get to take supervised jaunts at the 3 acre ranch with James and have rest time in between.  It is also comforting to know that Nancy has experience working at a veterinary clinic; if anything were to happen while our dogs were in there care they would be well taken care of. The dogs really like the Smiths, so much so that we take them for periodically for day care too so they can socialize with their canine friends.  When we pick up our dogs they look great and are happy!  We can’t imagine leaving them anywhere else.  Thank you James and Nancy!  We are so glad we found you!"  - Mona & Chuck R.

"We tried a couple other doggie daycares when we moved to Colorado Springs and never felt very comfortable leaving our three dogs for the day and really didn’t like leaving them overnight. Also, most of the daycares in the area are indoor facilities and that’s just not enough exercise for our dogs.  We were so relieved when we found the Smiths!  We know who’s caring for our dogs (it’s always James or Nancy) and trust them.  At the Smiths, the dogs have acres of fenced “yard” so they really get to run and play.  One of our dogs, George, is very shy and takes a while to warm up to new people and places.  James and Nancy were very patient with George and it didn't take him long at all to relax and feel at ease.  Now he gets so excited when we start getting close to the Smiths and runs to greet James in the morning!   We don’t worry about the dogs at all when they’re at the Smiths because we know they are being well cared for.  The best part is that all three dogs come home exhausted from a full day of play and socialization!"   - Jenn & Rob B.

 "Wanted to thank you for taking such great care of our dogs - the 3 Stooges - Lola, Luna and Lucy.  They look forward to see you again, playing with the other dogs and barking away the days."   -Mary S.

"We appreciate all that you do. You take such good care of Cooper! We know he is in great hands with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."  -Leona & Matthew

"I love how comfortable I feel leaving my dog Lily with the Smiths when I go on vacation because I know she is having a great time on her "vacation" too.As we start to drive down their long driveway Lily realizes where she’s going and starts doing her happy whine, wags her tail and gets very excited. When we stop the car she jumps out  ready to go play with her buddy James and the dogs. Lily loves going to the Smiths Dog Lodge (or the doggie spa as I call it).. Her favorite home away from home."  -Pam R

"Six years ago, my friend Lisa referred me to The Smiths Dog Lodge because Flaps, her chocolate lab loved it. I was looking for a kennel that would allow Maggie, our golden retriever to run and get plenty of exercise. Now, we have two goldens and take them both because they love to socialize with the other pups. Nancy and James are wonderful caretakers and we know Maggie and Scout are safe and happy!"  -Kim G.

"We have two Golden Retrievers and for the past 3 years have routinely left them with Nancy and James Smith at Smiths Dog Lodge in Monument. The Smith's have been absolutely marvelous, and we wouldn't dream of taking our dogs anywhere else when they need to be kenneled. The Smiths are exceptionally kind, caring, and knowledgeable dog lovers--plus they have acres of open space, enabling the dogs to run and play. There just isn't a better place for a dog that needs a short home away from home!"  -Joe & Yolette S.

"Smiths Dog Lodge takes the best care of each dog as if he or she is the only dog there. Our Brittany Spaniel is active and enjoys the space and personalized attention he gets from the Smiths. Unlike other kennels which may leave the dog in a kennel except for a few minutes daily, at least twice daily, the Smiths allow the dogs to run around supervised in the equivalent of a dog park. The Smiths are very personable and compassionate with the dogs and meeting the needs of the owners. They continue to make room available whenever possible. We appreciate the Smiths so much and would not take our dog anywhere else!"  -Jackie C.

"Zeke is an eight year old lab who started going to the Smiths when he was a puppy.  I have watched as The Smiths have established their philosophy of dog care into a wonderful facility.  Zeke loves to return and starts acting like he is going to the dog park as we go over the hill and see the acreage they have for dogs to play. I call The Smiths the 24/7 dog park!" -Chris K.

"I highly recommend Smiths Dog Lodge for either boarding  or daycare.  I take my dogs primarily for daycare, which allows me peace of mind while I am working.  I have a high energy dog, Tugger who cannot wait to get to Smiths Dog Lodge in the morning.  He receives great care and exercise and always comes home content and happy.  James and Nancy are passionate about their business and the well being of the dogs in their care." -Margaret M.

"We learned about the Smiths Dog Lodge through coworkers at my husband's office.  James gave us a wonderful tour of the property and Nancy was very accommodating with our vacation schedule.  The Smiths obviously love dogs and have provided one of the nicest environments you could ever imagine leaving your pet in.  Our dog Shade is a very shy and loving yellow lab who used to be terrified of other dogs.  James took special care and time to help Shade acclimate to the lodge.  Now she can't wait to get out of the car when we pull down their driveway."  - Lisa L.

"We love Smiths Dog Lodge in Monument, CO.   We consider you the family members we can trust to leave our sweet Izzy with when we can't take her with us.  I never worry about her when she's with you.  Without you we wouldn't be able to enjoy our vacations the way we do.  We are so grateful to have found you.   Thanks for being Izzy's home away from home." -Lori V.

"Convenience and Care...the Smiths Dog Lodge is very accommodating...check the Ski (Sunday after hours) pickup...Maverick is used to daily runs and freedom.  The Smiths care for his needs with their big fenced in dog area.  I am very satisfied...only boarder my dog has known or will know in CO!" -Gerard L.

"We are very protective of our "only child" Gracie.  It is hard to leave her, but it is nice to know that she is in a safe and family-owned environment.  She is small and we worried about her, but we soon knew that she is in good hands. James and Nancy our always glad to see Gracie. She has a lot of energy and loves to play.  She has a great time there.  We have peace of mind leaving her there and we don't worry while we are gone. The Smiths are very professional, but add a special warmth in caring for the animals in their care.  Thank you!" -R.M.

"Our dog, Zamboni, has been going to The Smiths for almost 5 years.  He absolutely loves it and so do we.  He gets plenty of exercise and spends time socializing with other dogs;  It is nothing like a traditional kennel.  We have kids that play sports and that take us out of town a lot for weekends.  If I didn't have the Smiths I don't know what I would do.  I just love having the peace of mind that when I can't be home to take care of my dog the way I know I should that James and Nancy are doing it for me."  -Susette & Bill

"Our dog, Molly, starts to wag her tail and bark about a mile from The Smith Dog lodge. By the time we get there she is so excited that she bounds out of the car and jumps up and down with joy!  This place takes amazing care of our dog and we never worry when Molly is in their care! It is so clean and the dogs have room to run and play!  We highly recommend The Smith Dog Lodge to anyone looking for a facility that loves, cares for and knows your dog's unique personality! Our Molly gets excited when we go out of town and comes home exhausted from playing!" -Kristi C.

"My husband and I drive from Boulder to Monument to leave our dog with the Smith family. After a holiday at the Smiths Lodge, our dog looks at us as if to say, 'When are you thinking of leaving town again?" James and Nancy have been so kind and respectful to our family and we feel secure in knowing our dog will be well cared for and will have fun when we are away.'"-Jennifer F.

"Smiths Dog Lodge is a dream come true!  Past experiences at other kennels left me traumatized and a bit gun shy, but I am happy to say that I have found the best possible place for my fur babies.  I occasionally need to leave my dogs overnight due to my shift work. I’m at peace knowing that they are safe, warm, dry and have a wonderful rest/play schedule- complete with socialization with other dogs.   The dogs are excited when I drop them off, and they are worn out, but happy when I pick them up. It sounds funny, but I have actually had times when I envied the dogs, that they got to spend the day at such a wonderful facility in the presence of such wonderful people.  The facility is clean, and well organized to handle a variety of dogs (large and small). The first time I visited, I was impressed with how calm and content all of the dogs seemed.  I take great comfort in knowing that my dogs are in the hands of James and Nancy, who between them, have a vast wealth of canine medical and behavioral expertise.  I appreciate the lengths that the Smiths go to for screening the health of the dogs that are cared for at their facility. It gives me comfort to know how stringent their criteria are for accepting new dogs. They are careful to make sure that all dogs have proper medical clearance and vaccinations, and they are sensitive to screening dogs for personality and fit. I love that the dogs have the opportunity to run amok in the massive, fenced- in meadow (under appropriate supervision, of course). And I particularly appreciate the philosophy of calm and assertive pack leader, which James maintains in his interactions with the dogs. It is obvious that the dogs respond to and respect his calm, quiet demeanor. My biggest source of comfort and assurance came when I discovered that a large number of the employees at my veterinary office utilize The Smiths for their dogs… I figure if they trust them, then so can I! And that mantra has proven very true!! Jack and Huck love it at The Smiths!!" -Tate U.  RN, CEN, CFRN

"Our two corgi's have being going to Smiths lodge for years, talk about happy dogs.  Our dogs love and are so exited to go to the Smiths for day care or for boarding. No  hesitations when they get out of the truck they love seeing Nancy and James both. What can I say about Nancy and James they are so caring, knowledgeable and concerned about the welfare of all the dogs that stay with them and give them all such great attention and love, when you are away for a day or a week or two.  You have no worries with the Smiths.  Best place to stay if your a dog!!" -Anne Marie T.

"We are so fortunate to have found “The Smiths Dog Lodge, James and Nancy" to board our Golden-Doodle, Rio.  We had visited and interviewed numerous places for “our boy”, but had never found “The Place” we felt comfortable leaving him with….until we met James and Nancy.  That was just over 6 years ago...Over time, we found Rio to have numerous allergies to foods forcing us to put him on a very strict and structured diet; but with the help of both James and Nancy, not only did they help us find a Holistic Veterinarian, but they also worked closely with us in nursing him back to health with all the dietary variations and medications he was on…..and….as overwhelming as it was to us, they never blinked…!!  We know when Rio spends time at “The Smiths”, he is going to have a "FUN-FILLED, FANTASTIC TIME playing with all his friends!”.  He comes home exhausted, worn out and more obedient than when we left him there!  (I don’t know how they do it, but all the dogs stand at loving attention when James speaks….!)   They demonstrate a true love and passion for what they do and we are so blessed to have them take care of “Our Boy, Rio”….!  Not only do they take care of “our boy”, they have also become our friends!! Thank you James and Nancy Smith for answering our prayers, acknowledging your calling and lovingly taking care of our Rio in our absence!!  We are indebted to you both!" -Lovingly, Bill & Joanne B.

"Smiths Dog Lodge was highly recommended to me by several co-workers and they have exceeded my expectations in every way. They not only make sure our dog's basic needs are met, they also concern themselves with my dog's happiness. They make sure she is compatible with the pack and they make adjustments as needed to ensure she is content and not stressed.  Our dog gets plenty of exercise in the big fields where she gets to socialize with the other dogs. She always comes home tired and happy. The Smiths are extremely knowledgeable about the well-being of dogs and very compassionate people. They consider each dog in their care as "their dogs" and treat them accordingly. We have no family in town, so we feel lucky to have Smiths Dog Lodge where we have found a family we can trust to watch our dog when we are out of town. Thanks so much." -Kristin B.

"Your lodge is absolutely the best! Our Aussie "River" can tell that you truly care about him. He comes home tired and happy after playing with the other dogs in your outdoor doggie playground. We are especially grateful to you for the many times you watched River last Spring when my husband couldn't walk well and I had to work. You helped us out so much!" -Marisa & Mark M.

"We have been sending our dogs to the Smiths Dog Lodge for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  In fact, we may have been about their first customer.  We trusted Nancy from her time working at our vet’s office.  But we quickly learned that James was also wonderful with dogs.  In our house, we refer to James as the “dog whisperer”.  Safe, clean, thoughtful care.  And great that they get to spend so much time outside, playing with other dogs.  Our old dog Brooke loved it, and now Sugar does too." -Rebecca, Jim and Sugar

"The Smiths really love dogs!  I am always confident that my lab will be treated with love and kindness...and that she'll get lots of exercise walking the property with James and playing with the other dogs." -Anne 

"Our dog, Padmé loves The Smiths. She can run with her friends on the meadow and gets a great workout while socializing with other dogs. Padmé is the sun and stars of our life and it gives us great peace of mind to know her in excellent and reliable care." -Sandra and Dave C.

"I have been taking my dogs to the Smiths Dog Lodge for several years now, my dogs love going there and I have 100% confidence that my dogs are in a safe place. They are good, honest, hard working and caring people. This can be seen by how they react to any issue that may come up. Rarely has there been anything, but if there is, they take quick and decisive actions, educate themselves and update / educate the customers. They are not the type of people to sit by and wait for an issue to arise again... they do everything they can to nip “it” in the bud the 1st time! I have tried several other boarding options in the area before a friend recommended going with the Smith's. Some were very clean, some appeared to be run by teenagers... my dog was not happy at any of these places, and one place in particular sent my dog home sick a couple times. Since going with the Smith's, my dogs always come home healthy and happy. Dropping my dogs off, it is always a celebration in the car while driving up (lots of howling / celebratory barking). Once out of the car, my dogs are always charging toward the “magic door”! My dogs come home happy and TIRED :) from being outside and playing all day! Much different than experiences elsewhere. The Smiths even give back to the k-9 community by finding good homes for dogs needing a new family. I am proud to say that I have one such pooch in my home. They saw my home as a good home before I could comprehend it. I am so grateful that they did! I now have two k-9 wonders in my family :). I am only speaking to my experience, I know that they have also taken in / found homes for others as well in addition to helping other organizations. These aren't things that they are paid to do, they do them because they want to help!  If the Smiths are in business and I am in the area, this is where my dogs are staying. PERIOD :)." -Brian V.

"Smiths Dog Lodge is simply the best!  They treat our dogs as their own.  Over the past 25 years we have moved to different parts of the country more than 10 times.  At each location we struggled with finding the right boarding/daycare facility for our dogs.  Each time we moved we found good, safe places for our four-legged family members to stay; however, none of those places compares to the Smiths Dog Lodge.  The Smiths Dog Lodge is not a kennel.   At the Smiths the dogs are able to interact in a pack environment while they run free in the meadow.  The dogs are not kenneled with only a small run for exercise.  Our dogs love spending time at the Smiths and get very excited just turning into the driveway.   After their visits they spend a lot of time sleeping while recovering from all the exercise they get playing with all the other dogs.  At our request James helped us adopt a dog as a companion for Bodie.  He introduced us to a shy older dog that he thought would be a good friend for Bodie.   After James worked with both dogs for a short period of time Gussie became a member of our family.  James was absolutely right.  Gussie is no longer shy and both dogs get along as if they were litter mates.  His expert knowledge of canine behavior made this adoption trouble-free. The Smiths enthusiastic, loving approach to canine care is the best I have ever encountered.  I highly recommend the Smiths Dog Lodge to anyone looking for a family-run, pack-oriented, safe place for canine boarding or daycare."  -Bob and Pam M.

"Our Dachshund family has existed for over 35 years.  In that time, we were unable to find trustworthy boarding until Smiths Dog Lodge.  Tulip and Douglas have special needs.  With short hair, they like to burrow in blankets to stay warm.  Also, diet is  important so they don't get heavy and develop back problems. Smiths Dog Lodge handle every special requirement.   Our Dachshunds always feel "at home" when they are Lodge residents. Thank you so much for treating Douglas and Tulip like your own."  —Sincerely, Jeff & Rhonda D.

"Smith Dog Lodge has been a God-send for us. Our dog has special needs, and he is so well cared for and loved with James and Nancy. I tell my friends that I want to go to Smith dog lodge for vacation!  It's truly a special place!" - Jeff and Marla W. - Colorado Springs

"Anyone that has a pet knows that they are your family and if you are like some of us they are your children with four legs. This past September I was in the process of moving into my new home and my closing date had been moved to a later date. I ended up having to move into a hotel and had to find somewhere for my dog Cody to go while I was at work. I had been referred by Cody's trainer months earlier to send him their for some behavioral issues he had been having and that the Smiths had the perfect environment to get him on track. I called Nancy and at the last minute she was able to take Cody in while I was displaced with the move. Cody loved James and Nancy from day one, each day when I dropped him off he started crying with excitement as soon as we turned the corner and couldn't wait to go play with his new friends. In the evening when I picked him up he greeted me and was so exhausted from all the playing that James did with all the dogs he would fall asleep on the way home. (too tired for any behavioral issues). I had to drive about 30 miles round trip to drop Cody off  while driving by many other doggy daycare centers that were closer but I wanted him to be with people who would treat him like he was their own pet.  I have used The Smiths lodge on many occasions now and have referred them to all my friends for their dogs; I know that when Cody is there that he will be loved and cared for by James and Nancy."  -Hope L. and Cody

"Abby, our 8 year old Golden Retriever, has been staying at the Smiths Dog Lodge for 7 years. Abby absolutely loves staying at the ranch. She likes the routine and structure at the ranch. We feel confident and relaxed when we are on vacation because we know she is taken care of very well. Abby always has a fun filled time, playing and romping around with other dogs at the ranch.  Abby is tired for a couple of days when she returns home. You know what they say, a tired dog is a “Good Dog”. We highly recommend the Smiths Dog Lodge to all of our family and friends." -Rick & Jill H.

"We have two terriers who have been “customers” of the Smiths Dog Lodge for over five years.  The “Lodge” is their favorite place to go “hands down.”  As we start off in the car to drop them off, they remain casual but alert.  Once we hit the railroad tracks they are up and barking with joy. We board them over the holidays and try to make use of day care once a week.  James is like the 'dog whisperer' and Nancy the 'nurturer'.  What a great place!  We highly recommend this experience for your dogs!" -John and Linda T. - Gleneagle

"We have been bringing our dogs to the Smiths since we moved to Colorado Springs. They are wonderful  and make our dogs feel like part of the family. I would highly recommend them and won't take my dogs anywhere else" -Jaime B.

"We were very fortunate to find the Smiths Lodge for Jack!  The facilities are very clean and well maintained.  James and Nancy absolutely love the dogs they have under their care.  When we bring Jack for a visit, he runs to the house and anxiously waits at the door to be let inside.  It is obvious he loves spending time at the lodge and we rest comfortably knowing he is happy playing with his friends.  Thanks James & Nancy!" - Emily & Larry B.

"When my dog was just a puppy I started looking for a place where I could leave KC for the day or for days and be well taken care of. I wanted a place where he would have time to play, exercise and rest. I also wanted a place where he could socialize with other dogs. The Smiths provide all of this. I know KC is happy at the Smiths, as he does a back flip into James’ arms upon arrival as James’ is getting KC out of the car. Doggie Heaven couldn't be any better than a stay at The Smiths Dog Lodge. I have used the Smiths Dog Lodge for five years and plan to continue to do so." - Nadine B.

"We have used The Smiths facilities for about three years and can say only that we would take our Yellow Lab, Molly, no where else for boarding.  Nancy and James are professionals in all respects including their previous vocations.  The facilities are perfect for the service they provide and the care has always been the best.  When we moved from Monument to Colorado Springs we thought we would try another facility and were extremely dissatisfied, and promptly decided the drive to Monument to take Molly for day care and boarding at The Smiths was well worth the 20 mile drive each way." -Jack P.

"The Smiths have been caring for our dog, Maggie, for more than seven years.  We love taking her (and our pup loves going) to the Smiths where we know she will have excellent care, abundant exercise and tons of FUN!   We have such peace of mind when we drop her off; the Smiths provide a much better facility than any traditional boarding/kennel situation in the Front Range area!"  -Mark and Stefani H.  

"Our dog is much loved and a big part of our family so we are very careful about where we board him. It needs to be a place that is safe and believes in nothing less than excellent care for the pets they are entrusted with. The Smiths Dog Lodge has proven to be such a place. The dogs are not kept in kennels all day, nor are they packed in a small space to play. The dogs get to run and play in a large field throughout the day, while also having down time to rest. We also appreciate that cleanliness is a priority to minimize viruses or other infections getting passed from one dog to another. Our family, including our dog, highly recommend The Smiths for dog boarding." - Suzanne D.

"We have been using Smiths Dog Lodge for 6 years.  It is a home away from home for our chocolate lab Flaps. We always know that at the Smiths he will be cared and loved for as if he were at home. At the Smiths he is exercised daily, has contact with other animals and affectionately cared for by James and Nancy. Flaps is genuinely excited when we turn into the drive way leading up to the Smiths. He know James and Nancy and is always excited to see them! When we drop off Flaps for a day, weekend or week, we always feel confident that he is in the best possible care!" - Lisa M

"Kaffee was our first dog, we got him in 1999...my husband Bill had grown up with poodles and once our then 5 year old son Alex saw the feisty little red poodle, it was a done deal.  We began taking Kaffee, "the red rocket" as we nicknamed him, to the Smiths when we found out he had diabetes pretty early on and had to have shots daily, so it was a bit too much to ask a friend to care for him.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made for him and he spent many happy "vacations"  at Smiths doggy day care:)  My youngest boy Nathan (now 11) says one of his best memories of Kaf was when we'd pick him up at the Smiths and his "pack" was out in the fenced yard.  We could hear him and see his little nose through the fence as he ran around with the other pups in his pack...he always came home happy, well fed and well loved!  I appreciate Nancy's professional knowledge as a vet tech and James wonderful touch with dogs and never worried about Kaffee when he was in their care.  Sadly, we lost Kaffee this past summer, it was extremely hard on all of us as Kaffee had been our family dog and defined us very much.  He was 14 years old and had a a full, happy life despite slowly losing his sight due to the diabetes.  We were very blessed however, to have James and Nancy in our lives, as they turned us on to an amazing opportunity before we lost Kaffee.  A decision that I now realize they new better what was ahead and what we would need than we did…Enter Bailey…Nancy caught me off guard one day with an email requesting our interest level in an 8 month old mini golden-doodle who needed a home.  The thought honestly hadn't entered my mind to consider another dog at that point since we still had Kaf, but once I saw the pictures and we visited him at the Smiths there was no going back. He was so full of energy and fun for our boys that  it seemed a perfect fit for our family.  Kaffee and Bailey spent four months together, and it was neat to see Kaffee's little tail wag when they visited with each other, even though Kaffee's health was declining.  Having Bailey didn't make the loss of Kaffee any easier, but it did ease the mourning process having Bailey there giving constant attention and love.  My three boys just love his spirit and energy and we can't imagine our family without him now. I just think Nancy and James foresaw that we would have a "hole" in our family with Kaffee getting older and felt that Bailey could be a good transition.  We are very grateful they did."  -Jolin V.

"Dogs are more than pets, they are members of the family. There is nothing quite as daunting than finding the right place to care for our beloved four-legged family member in our absence, or give her a day of socialization and exercise when we are busy with work or human-only activities. The Smiths came highly recommended from two friends who feel similarly about their pets, they wanted more than a "kennel." They wanted a home environment for their family member. They wanted someone who would take the time to learn about their dog and figure out which activities and which environment best suited their needs. The Smiths provide exactly that, plus love, structure and compassion. James is the Colorado Springs version of the dog whisperer. Never for a second do I worry about Mira or feel that she isn't getting the same love and attention that she gets at home. In fact, it's just the opposite. Sometimes I think she would rather spend a day or a weekend with the Smiths than be at home with us! There is nothing that gives me more peace of mind than knowing Mira is in the best hands. There is no place else that even comes close to comparing." - Angie R.

"We moved into the area 2 years ago with our Weimaraner Lotta. Due to our travel commitments, we often have to board her. We have been extremely pleased with the Smith Lodge. James and Nancy are so accommodating and understanding of her needs. They take terrific care of her, and we are very comfortable entrusting Lotta to them whenever we are away. We know that she is always in good hands!" -Birgit and family, Kings Deer, Monument, CO

"James and Nancy, we want to let you know how much we appreciate you and your services.  Harley gets so excited on the day he gets to come and play.  He loves going to your facility and has a really great time.  His head is out the car window as soon as we get of the interstate as he knows where he is going.  He plays so hard that he is out for the evening and most of the next day.  As his owners we appreciate that you take such good care of our boy.  We drop him off knowing that he is in good, loving hands.  You make us feel like he is part of your family.  Thank you for your love of dogs and for your clean and happy facility."  -Gerard and Lorrie

"Shadow has been a member of the Smiths Dog Lodge since April of 2014.  As a border collie mix, she has an ABUNDANT amount of energy and needs to be challenged daily.  The Smiths Dog Lodge has allowed her the opportunity to meet new friends and reduce her energy levels. She is exhausted when I pick her up.  James and Shadow have a great connection.  I mention his name and she is at the door, pacing to get into the car. She is so happy, she smiles (albeit, her smile is a little scary). Just ask James!  I am thrilled that I found The Smiths. It is truly a doggie paradise and we both love it! Thanks for taking such good care of Shadow." - Cheryl, Parker, Co

"We have been so delighted to finally find a great boarding facility for our little dog. Nancy and James are so professional to work with, and always put the care of all of their visiting dogs ahead of anything else. We are certain that our little pooch has more fun on vacation at the Dog Lodge than he has on a typical day at home. All the running and playing he gets to do wipes him out! And on top of that, they go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns we may have. We are so lucky to have them in our neighborhood." -The R. Family 

"Smith’s Dog Lodge has been a “home-away-from-home” for our dog Daisy. James and Nancy’s concern and care for our pet allows us to put any worries behind and know that she is staying with the best.  The Lodge is not a kennel or dog-boarding, it’s a retreat where we know our dog will return safe, healthy, happy and well-loved.  We’ll never go anywhere else.” -Paul & Angela H.

"I cannot imagine our blonde lab, Ozzie, being happier anywhere else as his home away from home! I always know he is happy and well taken care of at The Smiths!"  - D.H.

"By the way, I just wanted to thank you guys.  Since Ollie has been going to your ranch, he is much calmer and content.  I know he is so much happier there than at his last place. Thank you for taking such good care of him!" - H.S.

"We have been boarding our dogs at The Smiths Dog Lodge for a number of years.  In our judgment, it is the finest dog boarding facility in the Colorado Springs, Monument, and Castle Rock areas.  Unlike other kennels, dogs are boarded in the basement of the Smiths living quarters, which appeals to us in the event of nighttime emergencies.  They do not take just any dogs.  Animals must be social, and aggressive behavior is not tolerated.  Dogs are exercised almost all day and fed twice daily.  The exercise area is quite large, and James Smith personally ensures that the dogs play nicely, and vigorously, depending on their temperament.  Our dogs are so well cared for, that when we pick them up after their stay, they appear to want to stay longer.  Our Kelpie especially, looks forlornly out the back window as we pull away. Boarding may be a little more expensive than other facilities, but when you weigh in the care the dogs are given, and the peace of mind that you will have, it is well worth it." - Bob L.

"Maisie is a very high- energy, high drive Labrador retriever who loves to sprint through life.  She has made many best friends at The Smiths Dog Lodge.  I have every confidence that Maisie will get the exercise she craves each morning on the pack's 5 mile morning walk.  Maisie benefits from social interactions with other dogs, even when sometimes she zigs when everyone else zags.  James is a true dog behaviorist, who understands the inner workings of the dogs' minds.  Nancy is very responsive in coordinating Maisie's stay with emails and texts.  I am exceedingly impressed with the Smiths, their business and their treatment of the dogs in their care." -Emily A.

"We so appreciate the care you give our aging dachshund Husker and our young pup Maverick. You were fabulous with the totally different needs of our dogs and they both enjoy coming to your lodge. It is so comforting to know that they’re busy playing and socializing rather than sitting in a kennel all day. See you again soon!" -Kendall &  Dawn K

"Thanks for taking great care of Karsa for us! Luke noticed that Karsa greeted us then went up and immediately jumped on James. She's usually very awkward with others but she was very happy to acknowledge him too. She slept like a rock so we knew she'd had a lot of activity. We've been hoping for a place that she enjoys and we feel comfortable in leaving her while we travel from time to time. Looks like we've stuck gold with you guys!" -Julie D.